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Gym Access Required

The goal of this challenge is to provide women who are looking to lose weight with an opportunity to challenge themselves in order to start or further their health and fitness journeys for 90 days. 

  • Strength training program (3 days per week)

    Video Demonstrations

    Recommended Nutrition list and tips

    Mindset Support

Gym Access Required

The goal of this program is to support grieving women as they transition into a new chapter in their life where physical and mental health is at the forefront. It is custom designed for each woman to create sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.

  • 3, 6 or 9 month Commitment Options

    Customized Training

    Program based on body type

    Daily Food Tracking

    Customized Nutrition

    Plan based on body type

    2-3x Strength Training per week

    Recommended Foods list

    Video Demonstrations

    Mindset and Habit Coaching

    Bi-weekly Video Check-ins



You Need Her in Your Life!!

Shout out to my Get Mo Phit!  It's been very difficult for me to actually get back into fitness since the pandemic started.  I'm most comfortable weighing 140-150 pounds, but I got up to 165 pound by the end of November and I hadn't been that heavy before.  I was like, "girl wait.  Morgan, help me lol pls."  In addition to exercise, she's introduced me to other things that have helped me mentally.  Really got me thinking of my health in the future.  Like I don't want to be 35 having to take breaks on the stairs ya know??  So I'm like a month and a half in and I'm 155- Halfway to my goal, yes.  BUT, I'm picking up so many great long term habits otw!  It's super exciting because I haven't worked out consistently for longer than 4 weeks I don't think ever.  If you sound like me, you need her in your life lol the investment is WORTH IT!

Jayla Jackson

A Life-Changing Experience

Training with Morgan has been a life-changing experience. Her holistic approach to training, expertise in her field and consistent support and encouragement has inspired me to pull out the best within myself. Although I’ve never really enjoyed working out, Morgan has helped me set fitness goals I’ve always wanted to meet but never thought I could achieve and has made meeting those goals a reality. After only a couple of months of training I am already seeing results. I also feel more energetic, more confident, more inspired and more committed than ever. I would highly recommend Morgan to anyone looking to prioritize their health and happiness through fitness.

Aisha Barbour

I Feel It!

Ooh Morgan!  I feel that work we did yesterday this morning! I love it! Can't wait for the next session.

Victoria Rickham

A Wonderful Experience!

Training with Morgan Burrell aka "GetMoPhit" was a wonderful experience! I signed up for a 3 month training package with her. Our sessions started at 6am every Tuesday and Thursday. She was always prepared, excited and ready to execute the exercise for the day! She kept a precise record of my workouts, which was very helpful in my growth.

Morgan's positive spirit and passion for health and fitness is unmatched! She patiently  assisted me with using MY FITNESS PAL app to enter my food daily and gave me a variety of healthy recipes to use. We always acknowledged "the small victories" as Morgan would say!  She's a great trainer with a very positive attitude and bright future!

Mona Cartwright

I Saw My Belly Fat Melt Away!

Before this challenge, I was frustrated because I could not see results.  I decided to join this challenge because I really want to set an example for my daughters.  I was really inspired by you and felt like this would be different and it was.  This process was challenging but attainable.  The external motivation and accountability really helped.  I feel stronger and I did see belly fat melt away.  I lost 4 pounds.  My clothes fit differently.  It has only been 5 days.  Thank you so much Morgan.  You are right about the mindset change.  I have not been focusing on the results.  I am so thankful for this experience and I appreciate you sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

Germayne Graham

Amazing Personal Trainer

Morgan is an amazing personal trainer.  She continues to push me to reach my goals and provides the perfect balance of firmness, encouragement and positivity. I am thankful I started training with her five months ago.  I see my results daily and I love working with such a grounded, knowledgeable and passionate trainer.

Jamila Wilson

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan!!

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan! If you look up the word genuine, you will see this young lady’s beautiful smile illuminating the page. When I first started this journey 5 months ago, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Since then, Morgan has made me so unbelievably comfortable and confident in my abilities. I feel like I can do anything. I can get really down on myself at times but she often reminds me of how far I’ve come and just like that, I snap out of it. Her ability to course correct without judgement and motivate me at the same time is incomparable. The most beautiful thing about this journey has been being a witness to her personal growth as a personal trainer. In the beginning she was more observant and almost seemed unsure but now she’s so much more vocal and involved. It’s truly impressive. I’m so grateful to have her as a supportive figure and I wouldn’t change it if someone paid me. And that’s on Mary had a little lamb!!!

Corenia White

My Strength has Improved Tremendously!

I have had a wonderful experience training with Morgan.  I have taken great strides in terms of my fitness.  My strength has improved tremendously and so has my physicality. 

Morgan is a very patient trainer that is super loving and caring.  However, she still pushes you to challenge yourself.  She has actually mastered the balance of pushing a person past their comfort zone while encouraging them to stay in the game and not give up.

Overall, I am very pleased with my experience. I would recommend her services time and time again .  Our sessions are just what I need to get to the next level.  I always walk away feeling super challenged and Blessed.

Kareema White

Great Class!

Great class, ready for next week!!!

Cameron Rawls

Muscles are Defined!!

The muscles are becoming defined!! More importantly though, I feel good.  I'm really proud of me.  I dedicate this progress to Get Mo Phit.  Those 20 minute sessions got me out of a slump and made working out a part of my daily routine.

Ashley Townsel

More Transformative than EVER Expected

Our time with Morgan Burrell has been more transformative than we have ever expected! She is a wellness coach to the highest mark. She has been influential physically and mentally. Morgan is the most client-centered coach we have ever encountered, always considering the unique situations and life circumstances of her clientele in order to reach our fitness goals. We are truly blessed to have her as our coach. Our lives have changed for the better!

Charles and Ty Tolliferreo

Good Corona Break

The workouts are definitely helping me be consistent!!  They're a good break in the day since I'm not going to the gym due to corona and it's easy to sit inside for most of the day so it's nice to get moving.

Janna Perry

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