Finding Your New Normal (eBook)



This book is good for those who are ready to finally commit to making health and fitness into a lifestyle.  It will provide you with specific tasks that will walk you through designing the body and life you envision for yourself.  If you are ready to make this change, order your copy of the book and let’s get started.


About the Author

Morgan Burrell is a certified personal trainer who aims to teach busy women how to prioritize their physical and mental health so they can better manage their lives and well being.  Morgan has made it her mission to support women in loving themselves back to health, feeling confident in their bodies and creating lifestyles where that love and confidence lasts.  When she’s not coaching she is at home reading personal development books, listening to podcasts or enjoying some delicious food.  She is a soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and a 2019 graduate of Spelman College, where her love for working out blossomed and became a source of support for her well being.


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